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If there's one place that makes hair removal a pleasant experience its at Pure Wax Bar



Where It all Began...


Thank you for being here.

Hi, My Name is Nellie, a wife, mom of two beautiful girls, and the Founder of Pure Wax Bar. September 8th, 2020 in the middle of the Pandemic Pure Wax began and this is why. I am middle eastern. Growing up I always struggled with coarse, dark hair, ingrowns, all the things. In a nutshell, I was bullied a lot in school one of the reasons, being my body hair. 


Fast forward, I started getting waxed and my level of confidence grew beyond what I could have even thought at the time. In 2017 I became an Esthetician. I opened Pure from the Pure love and mission I have for helping individuals gain more confidence and witnessing the impact hair removal has on many lives. Now that I'm a mom it impacts me in a new way. Saves me TIME. I strive to educate all the women and young women who are struggling with the same things I did that there is an amazing alternative to constantly shaving. I love waxing so much that in order to stretch it even further to reach more lives the only way to do it was TEAM. I now get to share my passion and teach others the art of waxing and the techniques I mastered to make waxing as comfortable as possible. I now have the privilege to work alongside like-minded women with the same passion I do for waxing and people. Pure wouldn't be possible without their help today reaching more hearts in our Spokane community <3




Oh Allie! What would we do without you? This sweet gal is our front desk receptionist and holds all of us together.  She is in charge of everything at the front and making everyone laugh :)



Jessica is our senior lash Artist. She is so sweet, gentle and gives you your biggest lash dreams all the while keeping all of your natural lashes safe. Jessica is also one of our waxing experts.



Allison is our Brow and Brazilian waxing Expert! She has the calmest presence and makes you feel the comfort right away. She has an amazing eye for perfectionism and detail!   



Lindsay is so passionate about serving others. Acts of service is her love language. Her cup is filled everyday as long as she is serving her clients and making them feel beautiful!



Kari is honestly, Caring! She is our double-certified lash artist! With years of Lash education under her belt, she makes sure to also give you the lashes of your dreams meanwhile maintaining the integrity and health of your natural lashes. 

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